Lifeproof Photo Shoot 1

Recently I was asked to take photos for Lifeproof for their summer unleashed social media campaign. If you haven’t heard of lifeproof they make awesome waterproof mobile phone cases and have just released a range of tough waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

They sent me a Nuud case for my iPhone 7, a car suction mount to go with it and a metal water bottle to take shots of.

It’s been a busy month for me and only had a few days spare, so as we needed a bit of exercise Jane and I decided to walk up to one of the old cable cable car stations in chamonix. Although I imagine it’s technically out of bounds it’s very easy to get inside and it’s a great place to explore and have a look around. There is even a balcony on the outside with a great view of the chamonix valley, although it’s not for the faint hearted as there’s nothing to stop you falling off the side.

It’s a great place to take photos and we managed to get some good shots of the view and also of some of the old adverts and graffiti in the building.

On the way down we stopped off at the cascade de dard to take a few photos that show off the waterproof capabilities of the lifeproof case and check out the stunning waterfall itself. This series of waterfalls is rigged for canyoning so I really must come back and check it out some day.

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