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How to work with your event photographer to get epic event photography that wows your clients.

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As an event planner, you know that a great corporate event is all about creating a memorable experience for your attendees. And what better way to capture those memories than with some awesome event photography? Let me show you how to work with your event photographer to get the best shots, and make it an event to remember.

Get your creative juices flowing

First things first, you need to get your creative juices flowing. Think about what kind of shots you want to capture and what moments you want to highlight. Is it the keynote speaker on stage, or the group of employees having a blast at the after-party, or your delegates enjoying themselves on the piste? Discuss your ideas with your photographer so that they’re excited about capturing those special moments.

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Plan ahead

Planning is key when it comes to event photography. Make sure your photographer knows the schedule, the important moments, and any unique details or branding you want them to focus on. This will ensure they’re in the right place at the right time and have everything they need to capture the perfect shots.

Let your photographer work their magic

Your photographer is a pro, so let them work their magic! Encourage them to be creative and take risks, and even if it looks like they’re not around, they’re probably getting an unusual angle or scoping out the next location. You never know, they might capture an incredible shot that you wouldn’t have thought of.

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Embrace the unexpected

Events can be unpredictable, but that’s what makes them fun! Encourage your photographer to be ready for anything and to capture those unexpected moments. Whether it’s a spontaneous dance-off or a hilarious mishap, those are the moments that make events truly memorable.

Review and share your photos

After the event, it’s time to review your photos and relive those epic moments. Choose the best shots and share them with your attendees, sponsors, and on social media. These photos are a great way to promote your event and showcase your brand, and remember that your photographer will really appreciate having his images tagged on social media.

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And remember, working with your event photographer is all about having fun, being creative, and capturing those amazing moments that make your event unforgettable. By following these tips, you can work with your photographer to create a truly epic event that will be remembered for years to come. So, let’s get snapping!

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