Off piste and Ski Touring Photo Sessions

Everyone craves that epic shot capturing them skiing like a pro or snorkelling through the powder, and I’m here to make it happen. Whether you’re conquering the fresh snow or venturing into the backcountry, I’ll tag along for as long as you desire, ensuring every moment is skilfully captured. From gracefully navigating drop-offs to skinning uphill, I guarantee not to slow you down, capturing you at your absolute best in the thrill of the moment.

Off Piste Shoots

Elevate your group’s off-piste skiing adventure in Chamonix with a personalised photo session, an exceptional way to capture the unique moments that will carve lasting memories. Beyond the exhilaration of tackling slopes together, these sessions skilfully freeze-frame the genuine joy, shared laughter, and amazing ski adventures that define your experience in the snow.

Whether you’re relishing the triumph of conquering a slope as a group or seizing candid moments against the backdrop of the stunning alpine panorama, each photograph transforms into a treasured memento, narrating the tale of your off piste adventure. With the flexibility of opting for a full-day or shorter session, this seamlessly integrates into your holiday plans, offering an opportunity to deepen your group’s connection and craft enduring memories in the breathtaking winter wonderland of Chamonix.

A person skis down the mountain.
This is a photo of Outdoors, Clothing, Glove, Nature, Person, Helmet, Snow, Leisure Activities, Skiing, Sport, Piste
This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Person, Human, Helmet, Clothing, Apparel, Snow, Piste, Sport, Sports, Skiing, Adventure, Leisure Activities, Lifejacket, Vest
This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Person, Human, Helmet, Clothing, Apparel, Piste, Snow, Sport, Sports, Ice, Mountain, Plant
This is a photo of Outdoors, Nature, Mountain, Mountain Range, Peak, Person, Ice, Slope, Piste, Snow, Sport, Helmet, Glacier, Clothing, Hat

Ski Touring Shoots

Document your ski touring expedition in the rugged mountainous and glacial terrain around Chamonix by getting me to come along and record it, an essential way to capture exciting moments that mark enduring memories. Beyond the experience required in navigating challenging terrain and glacial landscapes together, these sessions adeptly freeze-frame the genuine expressions of skill, camaraderie, and remarkable adventures inherent to ski touring in the snow-covered mountains.

With the flexibility of opting for a full-day or shorter session, this integrates seamlessly into your itinerary, offering more than a visual keepsake; it becomes a valuable opportunity to meticulously document your group’s connection and enduring memories in the awe-inspiring winter wonderland of Chamonix.

This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Person, Human, Mountain, Mountain Range, Peak, Snow, Piste, Sport, Sports, Ice, Skiing, Adventure, Leisure Activities, Bird, Animal
This is a photo of Photography, Adult, Male, Man, Person, Nature, Outdoors, Female, Woman, Mountain, Clothing, Footwear, Shoe, Mountain Range, Peak, Accessories, Bag, Handbag, Ice, Hat, Adventure, Hiking, Leisure Activities, Glasses, Piste, Snow, Sport, Glacier
This is a photo of Outdoors, Nature, Piste, Snow, Sport, Person, Clothing, Glove, Accessories, Glasses, Hat, Leisure Activities, Skiing, Ice

Your Gallery

Whether you’re conquering the slopes together or capturing candid moments against the snowy panorama, each photo is skillfully crafted to authentically mirror the unique vibe of your group’s camaraderie. Yet, the enjoyment doesn’t conclude on the mountain; it seamlessly extends to your exclusive online gallery—a carefully curated collection of all the fantastic moments frozen in time for your collective pleasure. And because memories take on a special charm in print, you all have the opportunity to immortalize your favorite skiing moments. Whether the group leans towards the sophistication of framed canvases or prefers the classic appeal of printed photos, the choice is entirely yours and conveniently available directly on my website.
This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Piste, Snow, Sport, Clothing, Glove, Helmet, Adult, Male, Man, Person, Leisure Activities, Skiing
This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Piste, Snow, Sport, Person, Clothing, Glove, Slope
This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Sea, Ocean, Water, Person, Human, Adventure, Leisure Activities, Silhouette, Sea Waves, Sport, Sports, Snow
This is a photo of Glacier, Ice, Mountain, Nature, Outdoors, Slope, Person, Mountain Range, Peak, Clothing, Footwear, Shoe, Piste, Snow, Sport, Scenery
This is a photo of Nature, Outdoors, Mountain, Person, Human, Snow, Peak, Mountain Range, Ice, Slope, Sport, Sports, Piste, Skiing

Book Now!

Elevate your group’s off-piste or ski touring adventure with photos that authentically capture your shared story—no clichés, just genuine moments. Every shared laugh, every stride through the snowy landscape deserves more than a fleeting memory. Let’s craft a visual tale that reflects the real joy, unfiltered connection, and unique moments that define your collective experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your adventurous escape into a collection of genuine reflections. Book now and transform your off-piste or ski touring session into lasting memories that resonate for years to come.


No! I don’t provide ski or snowboard instruction or guiding services. The nature of the terrain we’ll be exploring may necessitate booking a guide or ski instructor as well to prioritise the safety of the group. I can provide recommendations if needed and know many guides or instructors that I work with regularly. It’s important to note that the primary focus of the session is capturing the moments and memories of your snowy adventure. My goal is to authentically capture the joy and essence of your time in the snow, without being responsible for your safety as well.

Yes, please do, you are welcome to bring your own guide or instructor but please let them know you have also booked me to take photos. 

Dress in appropriate ski gear for off-piste conditions. Ensure you have the necessary safety equipment, including avalanche gear if applicable.

These sessions are tailored for proficient off-piste skiers who are confident navigating challenging terrain. If you’re a skilled skier seeking to capture the thrill of off-piste adventures, this is the perfect opportunity. The sessions are designed to complement the expertise of confident skiers who can navigate the demanding off-piste terrain with ease.

Booking is easy! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll coordinate the details for your photo experience.

I aim to deliver your personalised online gallery within a week after the photo session, but this may be slightly longer during busy periods. From there, you can easily download your high-resolution images or order prints directly from the gallery.

Prints and framed canvases are available for purchase directly from my website. The session cost covers the photography experience, online gallery access, and the option to order prints or framed canvases separately.

Safety and getting great shots is a priority, and if weather conditions are unsuitable, we can discuss rescheduling options if available or explore alternative plans that ensure you get the best experience.

Yes, you do! Your session includes access to a personalized online gallery where you can view and download all high-resolution images captured during the session. This way, you have the freedom to keep and cherish every moment of your snowy adventure.

The sessions are either 2 hours, 3 hours or a full day of skiing. I don’t offer a 1 hour ski photo session as I feel this isn’t long enough to get a good selection of photos. 

I regularly do sessions in St Gervais, Megeve and Courmayeur as well as Chamonix, but i’m happy to shoot in other resorts as well. Please get in touch for more info.

Get in touch for more info or to book a session.

2 Hours

  • Morning or Afternoon
  • Online Gallery of your photos
  • At least 30 Hi-Res Photos

Half Day

  • 3 Hours - Morning or Afternoon
  • Online Gallery of your photos
  • At least 50 Hi-Res Photos

Full Day

  • Full Day - approx 6 hours
  • Online Gallery of your photos
  • At least 100 Hi-Res Photos
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