Chamonix Headshots

Do you need a headshot for your business website, your linkedin profile, CV, social media or even online dating? Iu0027m offering a day of headshot photography for people who live in the Chamonix valley and surrounding area.

The sessions last about 15 minutes and for that youu0027ll get one high res photo from the shoot to do with as you choose. You can choose from either a black, white or grey background, and you can also purchase more photos from the session for u20ac15 each.

Normally a private headshot session would cost over u20ac150 but iu0027m offering this special price for one day only, so book up before they sell out.


If you would like to enhance your chosen photo then you can opt for additional retouching to be done for u20ac15. This includes:

  • Whitening teeth and eyes
  • Removeing wrinkes and blemishes
  • Removing bags under the eyes
  • Removing stray hairs
  • Smoothing skin texture
Slide the bar from left to right on this before and after to see the difference.
Before headshot touchup After headshot touchup
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